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Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder follows band-manager Rose as she flees her stalker ex to a mysterious island, where she finds a walled-off rich vigilante fighting a human-trafficking ring… and fighting to be himself again after his mind and body have been ravaged by war. Together they battle for their lives against the true beast in their midst, and find beauty in the love that blossoms between them. It will only be available in Of Beasts and Beauties

Of Beasts and Beauties

Amid the lovely roses and razor-sharp thorns, love tangles between beasts and beauties in the romantic tale that transcends time…Five novels retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, each with its own twist. Meet a dark-elf prince, a dragonian princess, a brooding vigilante, mighty superheroes, and futuristic guards, and watch as Beast meets Beauty, falling in love across fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense. Don’t miss these magical retellings: enter the enchanted castle and break the spell today!

Eye of the Beholder is available as part of the Of Beasts and Beauties box set, available on Amazon.