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The Beacon Books
By Any Other Name 

The blade didn’t kill her, but it ended her life.

World-renowned neuroscientist Rebecca Brenneck was at the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a murder, and discovers she was unwittingly framed in the creation of a dangerous nerve agent. Now a crime lord is after it . . . and her.

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Enclave Boxed Sets
Eye of the Beholder: A Beauty & the Beast Retelling 

A woman running for her life. A man hiding from his past. One island community in the path of a madman.

Band-manager Rose flees her stalker ex to a mysterious island, hoping to find sanctuary with her cousin. But what she does find is a walled-off rich vigilante fighting a human-trafficking ring... and fighting to be himself again after his mind and body have been ravaged by war. Will he lose that battle, or will love break down the wall between them and save them both?

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