emily allen west

romance to die for

Author of Romantic Suspense

Emily Allen West writes complex, strong, smoldering and sexy leading men and the capable, driven, multi-layered ladies who follow their hearts and capture theirs along the way.  A published author, she lives in Minnesota with her family.

The Latest News

Panelist at Bouchercon 2022

I was a panelist at Bouchercon for Love and Death – Mysteries with a Dash of Romance on Saturday, Sept. 11 and signed books with my fellow authors. Check out their website for more on next year’s conference. I hope to see you at future Bouchercons!

My Current Novels

I am busy at work writing book 3 of the Beacon series, entitled By Any Other Name. I am also actively seeking representation for the first two books in the series, entitled By Any Means Necessary and By Any Broken Road. See below for more!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

The Beacon Series

In By Any Means Necessary, sparks and bullets fly in a remote part of Wyoming between a rancher who has turned his back on society and an ex-con artist with a hit out on her, desperately trying to find a hidden weapons cache. It would buy her freedom from the FBI, if only they could get to them before a ruthless kingpin kills them and turns those weapons onto an unsuspecting public.

In By Any Broken Road, a teacher and a suspended FBI agent act as a guardian to a young boy on a trip across the country. The child isn’t ordinary: he is the key to a threat to national security, and a renowned cybercriminal will stop at nothing to find him first. Suddenly every camera becomes a weapon in this game of hide and seek as they sacrifice everything to keep the boy out of the crosshairs of a killer who seems to be everywhere.